Dentist Near Me in Norman, OK 

The Quest to Find the Best Dentist Near Me

No matter if you just moved to Norman for a job or to attend OU, or if you have lived here your entire life, finding a new dentist near you is a challenge. You want someone who is qualified, who offers comprehensive services, and who won’t treat you like you are a number. You may be thinking, ‘What dentist near me has everything I want in a dentist? Better yet, I hope I like the guy.’ So you set out to google up the best dentist near you. The mass of options may be overwhelming. And how do you navigate through this mass of names and credentials to find your family dentist?

Here are some tips to help you find the right dentist in the sea of dental care options, along with the right questions to ask before committing to a new dentist in the Norman area.

A Look at “Dentists Near Me” in 73072


Norman has no shortage of dentists. A quick search on my phone results in more than 125 options (including some in Moore and OKC). Finding your match among the many offerings is tough. Overwhelming actually. Do you need a family dentist who can see you, your kids and your parents? Need a pediatric dentist? Do you experience dental anxiety and need a relaxation specialist? Do you want a dentist who will perform your tooth extraction and take care of any of your other dental needs? Knowing what you are looking for is important, and you have to know what your options are. For instance, do you know the difference between corporate dentists and private practice? There are several corporate dentists with multiple offices in the area, but some people may feel like just a number at their office, or don’t get the service they are looking for. Then we have some specialists in our area including TMJ experts, specialized pediatric dentists or dental surgeons. Of course, there are the private practices, generally run like small businesses by the lead dentist. Tecumseh Ridge Dental of Norman is one such locally-owned, family-operated practice. It is our goal to provide a relaxed comfortable environment, offer you comprehensive, quality dental care and become your partner for your family’s dental care for life. So besides asking for qualifications and specialties, you may also ask whether the dentist practice that you are considering is a local business or if it is run by a large corporation.

What if the dentist near you isn’t your favorite dentist?

The guy closest to you may be the hometown doc, but make sure he/she is a good match for you. Even though we are located in West Norman, we serve patients from all over the Oklahoma City metro including Moore and South Oklahoma City, and the rural communities around Norman. Some smaller towns such as Newcastle, Noble or Goldsby have far fewer choices when it comes to dentists – and whoever practices down the road from you may simply be not a good match for you. If you don’t like the dentist nearest to your home, it may be worth it to drive a few miles. After all, it’s not like you go to the dentist every day.

What to look for when searching for a Dentist?

When you are looking for a new dentist, you are searching for more than someone to just clean your teeth or pop in a filling. Your dental health is a vital part of your overall health, so every patient needs to have a dental home. That means there will always be someone looking out for the best interest of you and your family. Having a dental home also allows you to feel comfortable when you are calling on short notice because you have a toothache, and it gives you a safe and trusted place to turn to for a serious or complex dental procedure. 

Start with the Basics

Regular visits are key to a healthy smile, so start with the details that work best with your lifestyle and dental care needs. Some things to consider include:

  1. Is the office easy to get to from your home or job? 
  2. Do you like the office and the office location?
  3. Does the office have convenient hours?
  4. Is this office able to get you in quickly if you have a dental emergency?
  5. Does this dentist offer the dental services you need now or in the future? Be sure that the provider you’re looking into offers all of the services you need. Building a lifelong relationship is important. Think long term – although you might not need dental implants today, you may in the future.
  6. If you have dental benefits, is this dentist in your network? Will this dentist work with your insurance or has other ways to make dental care affordable? 
  7. What are finance options if you don\’t have insurance?
  8. Doctor-patient communication is very important. Do you feel comfortable talking to the dentist and his team?
  9. What are your dentist’s qualifications and experience?
  10. How are the dentist’s reviews online?
  11. Does this dentist accept new patients right now?

Ultimately, the choice of dentists will be up to you and your priorities, but by following these guidelines, you will at least find a competent and respected dentist in your community. And that is definitely worth some research and effort.

First Impressions Count

\"\"Once you have a few candidates to choose from, feel free to call and ask questions before deciding. Schedule some consultation time to meet the dentist and staff before choosing your new dental home. Make a list of questions and bring your records if you would like, so the dentist can take a look at your dental history. We encourage anyone looking for a dentist to share past dental experiences or dental concerns, including any anxiety. If you are planning a complex procedure such as implants, your dentist should be willing to explain the procedure including all risks and benefits in plain language and answer all your questions. A consultation is also a great time to check if the office feels welcoming, comfortable and neat. First impressions do count! If you are an emergency dental patient, did the staff act with the urgency that you would expect. Were they friendly and professional under pressure. Yes, the way a dental team acts in non-routine situations is a great indication of how they treat their patients and each other in general.

Choosing your New Dentist in Norman

In the end, you want to pick a dentist who is willing to be a part of your personal health care team. Look for someone who can be a trusted advisor when health issues arise and a partner to make important dental care decisions with now and later. With oral health needs changing over time, you need to choose a dentist who offers a variety of services in specialized areas of treatment. Some dentists may not offer all the services you will need throughout all of life’s stages. By choosing wisely today, you will benefit from complete, convenient care at one location, with one compassionate team that knows you and cares about you. Now, you are probably asking yourself, where is a dentist near me who offers all the services I need? Dr. Andrew Wheatley at Tecumseh Ridge Dental, right here in Norman, is your one-stop dentist in 73072.

We are here for you – so you can smile with confidence. Tecumseh Ridge Dental in Norman accepts most insurance plans. Financing is available as needed.

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