The 7 worst candies for your teeth

“Snacksidents,” Cavities and other Halloween Candy Nightmares

Surprising fact: Dentists don’t hate candy. We love the stuff like the rest of you. 

So we’re here to tell you that if you brush and floss your fangs after gobbling down your Halloween goods, you have this dentist’s approval. Everything in moderation, and don’t forget your annual check-up!

However, there are some sweets that really can turn into a nightmare for your teeth. Here is our super scary Tooth vs. Candy Scream List.

7. Candy corn


They are disguised as a vegetable, but they are not good for you. The sticky sugars in candy corn will cling to and in between teeth for a long time giving that sugar more opportunity to rot your teeth.

6. Taffy


It’s fruity and delicious, but it can pull a loose filling straight out of its place. And just like candy corn it sticks in between teeth for a good long time. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters… but your dentist!

5. Caramel


Like taffy, caramels and toffees are not only sticky, they can also pull out fillings. Plus both candies are extremely high in sugar (in fact, they are basically all sugar) and stick to your teeth for maximum bacteria impact. 

4. Lollipops and Hard Candies


While you are enjoying your sucker or Jolly Rancher, you are basically bathing your teeth in a sugary solution for extended periods of time. Another potential dental risk with hard candies is for those who can\’t resist biting them: doing so can result in chipped or broken teeth.

3. Sour Candy


All the bad stuff hard candies do, plus some… Sour candy is harmful for two reasons: it is coated in sugar, and it is very acidic. The damaging sugar fosters cavity-causing bacteria growth. High acidity can be very damaging to your teeth as well as acids break down tooth enamel, leaving teeth more prone to tooth decay and breakage. Now, that\’s scary.

2. Jawbreakers


Do we have to say more? They’re called jawbreakers for a reason. Like hard candies, jawbreakers are exposing your teeth to sugar over a long period of time. Plus, crunching down on a hard object is bad news for teeth! Sour and tart candies. Acidic candies provide a one-two punch: they wear down your enamel and are loaded with sugar, the perfect recipe for decay.

And the number 1 scariest treat is…

1. Popcorn or Candied Nuts


They look so sweet and innocent in their bowl, but popcorn and nuts have it out for your teeth. One minute you are snacking on sweet and salty deliciousness, the next minute you break a tooth. Ouch. We see those “snacksidents” at our office every week. More often between Halloween and Christmas. If you experience one of these fear-inducing dental nightmares, know that we are here for you to help. Just call us at 405-857-6453. Same-day emergency appointments are available… even on Halloween… or Thanksgiving… or Christmas.

Here are a few easy, healthy, and tooth-friendly Halloween treats.