What to look for in a Dental Implant Surgery Center?

Not all dental implant surgery centers are the same, nor are the providers. And then there is the sheer number of implant surgery centers in Norman, OK, and the greater OKC metro. This can make choosing the right implant center difficult. 

Designed to replace teeth that have been lost or removed due to disease and decay or trauma, dental implants are chosen more and more often by patients who wish to replace one or more teeth with a natural-looking and fully functional prosthetic. In choosing dental implants, patients can benefit in several ways. Some of the key advantages to choosing dental implants include:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Discretion
  • Restored tooth function
  • An attractive smile
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

Patients shouldn’t have to gamble with either their money or their smile, so we have put together this short guide on choosing the right implant dentist.

Why Choosing The Right Implant Surgery Center Is So Important?


Any certified dentist can legally carry out a dental implant procedure, but this certainly doesn’t mean you will get the results you want. Placing a dental implant is a major procedure and includes some surgery. So having a provider with experience and training is vital for your health and the long-term outcome of the dental implant.

The process of planning and placing dental implants requires more specific training and practical skills than most other dental treatments. Several conditions need to be in place for a successful implant treatment, such as correctly assessing the density and viability of your jaw bone for supporting the implants and properly placing the implant into the bone at the most precise location.

Failure at a surgical level will almost certainly cause your implants to fail and could cause permanent damage to your mouth and face. Even if your implants do remain in place, the final look delivered by a sub-standard provider could be considerably less attractive than what you had expected. So here are a few important questions to ask before choosing your implant surgery center:

Has The Dentist Trained In Implant Dentistry?

When searching for an implant dentist, one of the most important things to do is to ask for details concerning their education, training, and experience regarding dental implant procedures. Any good and reputable dentist capable of doing a great job with a dental implant procedure will be happy to share this information. Be cautious of those dentists who state they have completed a short course in the process. Check out the information you are given carefully, and if something doesn’t check out, search for a new dentist.

Does the Dental Implant Surgeon Show Commitment To Further Education?

Dentists committed to further education are attending workshops, seminars, and training programs that keep them up to date on the latest developments in dental implant techniques. As technology evolves, so do the tools and techniques used in both medical and dental procedures. Much of this development is done with improving patient safety and esthetic outcomes in mind. Ask your implant provider about his last training!

Who Will Perform Oral Surgery Procedures?

Other oral surgery treatments often accompany a dental implant procedure. These procedures may include bone grafts, sinus augmentations, extractions, preparation of alveolar ridges, and more. They will be recommended to assure the best possible outcome for your implants. At Tecumseh Ridge Dental, there are some therapies we will complete in-house. For others, we work with one of the most renowned oral surgeons in Oklahoma.

Does The Implant Surgery Center Have A Designated Treatment Area For Surgery?

Our Norman dental office has a separate surgical suite apart from our regular operatories. It is bright and comfortable and offers the privacy and isolation that some procedures, including dental implants, may require. 

Do You Like The Team?

You are putting your smile into other people’s hands, so it is important that you like your entire care team. From the lead dentist on your case to the assistants, oral surgeons, and even the front desk staff. Are they friendly and welcoming? Do they treat you with respect and courtesy? Are they answering all your questions? Having a positive feeling about those who care for you is important.

Are Your Goals In Line With The Implant Surgeons Goals?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ultimately you have to live with the outcome. So make sure the dentist understands your goals and they are aligned with his. However, a good implant surgeon will also point out limitations to your treatment. So make sure to listen.

Is Your Treatment Plan Solely Based On Cost?

It is crucial to avoid choosing an implant procedure dentist based on price alone. Instead, it is advisable to select a dentist specializing in individualized care, quality care, service, and the ability to understand your desires and needs.

Dental Implants in Norman, OK


If you are looking for a dental implant dentist in Norman or the greater Oklahoma City metro, give Dr. Wheatley at Tecumseh Ridge Dental a call. Our professional team is highly trained and experienced, and our priority is providing patients with a functional smile that they are proud of. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

Your journey starts with an initial consultation and an exam before proceeding with treatment. This allows Dr. Wheatley to determine if dental implants are an ideal solution at the moment or if you require preoperative procedures to meet the oral health standards that support lasting results. Candidates for implants have sufficient jawbone in all dimensions and show no signs of active periodontal disease. Dr. Wheatley creates personalized solutions for each patient, helping them achieve the smiles they desire. 

It is important to note that the entire process can take several months. In some cases, you’ll need pre-treatments to bring you into candidacy for dental implants. We then create a custom treatment plan for you, and during your consultation, you will also discuss the cost and pricing of your implant surgery based on your specific situation.

Before placing the implant, we may schedule appointments to remove decayed teeth and repair other dental problems. In some cases, a bone graft may be necessary.

Once it is time for your implant to be placed, the procedure is not painful. You will be sufficiently numbed in the area, and the doctor surgically implants a thin screw made of durable titanium. The titanium integrates with your jawbone over several months. When integration is complete, your dentist attaches a replacement tooth to the implant.

You may experience pain and soreness for a few days following your dental implant’s placement, but we will work with you on pain management options. Dr. Wheatley may recommend pain relievers to see you through.

We will monitor your healing process, make sure your gum tissue and bone remain healthy, and attach to the implant as planned. Once the implant is healed, you will have to come back to the office again to place the permanent crown on the implant. Once that is healed, you brush and floss twice each day and come in for regular cleanings and routine checkups. No other maintenance is required.

To learn more about dental implants, visit our implant dentistry page.