Why you should schedule your dental appointments before the year is over

Now that we are on the final stretch of the year, there is one more thing to add to your busy schedule. That’s right. Schedule your second annual cleaning before the year is over, or schedule that dental work that you have been putting off. There are many excellent reasons to schedule your next dental visit in November or December and not delay it to the new year. And better yet, both Dr. Wheatley and our dental hygienist Emily still have a few openings available. Schedule now.

Say no to Holiday Dental Emergencies

The best way to avoid holiday surprises in the form of a dental emergency is prevention. You know, that slight feeling of discomfort in your gums? These minor issues have a way of turning into a full-blown infection at the worst moments. There is nothing worse than waking up with an infected tooth on Christmas morning or to have traveled across the country for Thanksgiving only to realize you have a toothache, hundreds of miles away from your dentist and with many practices closed for the holidays. 

Plus, your teeth are getting a real workout between all the sweet holiday treats, candied nuts, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas cookies. So now is the time to fix broken dentures, cracked fillings, and all the other stuff that could quickly turn into The Nightmare Before Christmas – and we don’t mean the movie. Having a clean bill of dental health will help you enjoy the holidays without worrying about your teeth.

At Tecumseh Ridge Dental, we always are available for emergencies – even during the holidays. Please call us if you need us. However, even our dedicated staff will take a few days off, which may mean that you have to wait to see us in person in some cases.

Get your second Dental Cleaning in before the Year is over

Too many people wait to go to the dentist until they\’re experiencing pain. Go for your cleaning and a routine checkup every six months. Your dentist can catch any potential problems early on and address them before they become more significant issues. Cleanings are so much more than cosmetic. They are a cornerstone of prevention. And if we haven’t seen you twice yet, it’s time to schedule.

Use your Dental Insurance before the First of the Year

Now is the time to schedule any overdue dental work simply because you don\’t want to leave any money on the table. Your insurance coverage likely won’t roll over to the following year, so you want to make sure you use it. You paid for the coverage. Take advantage of it. Do you have any money left in your FSA or Flex Spending Plan? Use it or Lose it.

Make the most of your Annual Maximum Dental Benefits 

Speaking of using your insurance, visiting your dentist before the end of the year could help you take full advantage of your annual maximum if you schedule any costly procedures now. Most dental benefits run on a calendar year. Any unused benefits do NOT roll over. So leaving dental insurance benefits unused is leaving money on the table.

Are your Deductibles or Co-Pays changing? 

Health and dental insurance have been getting more and more expensive while deductibles and co-pays also keep going up. If your out-of-pocket share is going up next year, make sure that you get all you can out of your existing plan.

Time to Heal

The holidays are a busy time, but many employers offer some extra days off during this time. So if you have considered any dental implants or any more extensive cosmetic procedures, take advantage of the downtime around the holidays to allow you to recover without worrying about taking additional leave from work. 

Start the New Year with a Smile

When others start coming up with New Year’s resolutions, be ahead by starting the year off with a smile you love. You can boost your oral health routine at home with regular brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. When you visit the dentist in November or December for your routine checkup or a dental procedure that you have put off, you’re doing your part to start the New Year right. 

If you are as surprised as we are that yet another year has gone by and you haven’t been in to see us in a while, schedule an appointment today. Call 405-508-9356. We\’ll be happy to help you prepare your smile for the holidays and a healthy and happy 2023.